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Destin Massage Spa and Relaxation Center

At Surfside Spa  (a Destin massage spa located  along the beach) we strive to have “A Modern Approach to Achieve Wellness through Relaxation”We trust that our extensive list of services will provide our clients with the opportunity to revitalize and invigorate in addition to alleviating the aches and pains of life.Our Destin massage therapists offer a variety of Facials, Massages and multiple allied modalities, including Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage as well as Zumba fitness, Posture & Pain, and Functional Movement Assesments.

Many of our services are complementary with western traditional methods of healing, also known as alternative medicine.

The Surfside Spa
1096 Scenic Gulf Drive
Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Open 7 days a week.
By appointment, please call 850-543-7905

Facials & Treatments

Miramar Beach FacialsExpress Facial
Mini-treatment includes cleansing, massage for toning and moisturizing.

European Facial
Facial includes deep cleansing, toning mask and massage to purify and moisturize.

Anti-Aging Facial
Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation of dead skin cells, gentle buffing, steaming, collagen, massage for toning/firming, and mask for purifying and moisturizing.

Pain Relief

Neuromuscular Pain ReliefPosture and Pain – Is all about getting back to the basics. Our goal is to restore and maintain appropriate range of motion, good alignment and muscle balance.

One example of a Posture and Pain Problem: Sitting at the computer slumped over, feeling pain in neck, upper sholdures, mid-back and lower back.

Step 1: Neuromuscular Techniques
Step 2: Education On Correct Posture To Prevent Pain

Functional Movement TherapyFunctional Movement Assessment – Identifies movement pattern deficiencies and the provocation of pain within movement patterns that is unique to each individual. It is easy to see how three back pain patients can have three different movement profiles, each demonstrating different levels of competency with movement pattern mobility and stability issues. We feel it is important to not simply look at the client’s structure or medical diagnosis when trying to formulate the best, most efficient and effective path to musculoskeletal treatment and exercise intervention.


We recommend Zumba With Crissy.